There was a tour bus with Canada plates parked behind Skully's Music Diner letting you know that something different was about to happen that night. AnimalXHouse was hosting another one of its signature shows in Columbus, Ohio and the city was lit, ready for a good time. The name Tory Lanez was definitely new to some, especially in the midwest, but not a name you wouldn't come to recognize. With the song, "Say It," that is currently #1 in the country, it was safe to say his popularity was growing quickly with no intention on slowing down.



We held our Website Launch Party here in New York City at Manhattan's Loft 227. Drinks were provided by 1800 and my brother Chris Mars B & new friends Angelanddren curated the vibes. This would officially be our first event in New York & feels were high, nerves were shot, but it wasn't anything a little Tequila couldn't fix. Celebrations were definitely in order!